Ron Brillantes is a San Diego-based IT “geek” who enjoys exercising  his right-brain to balance his life by also being a self-taught artist.    His  love of technology fuels his passion for art as he strives to balance the technical & creative aspects of painting.   His works are inspired by raw emotion, nature’s beauty, science & technology, and the works of abstract expressionism greats such as Jackson Pollack, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, and Hans Hoffman.

Ron invites you to take a look inside his mind’s eye and  preview his emotional style and eclectic tastes in art.

 “My goal is to produce creative artwork that heightens imagination of the individual or community but also makes a difference to both.  It’s one of the reasons I work at Rady Children’s Hospital and also why I volunteer my time with The Fox Collaborative to bring arts to elementary school kids with San Diego Refugee Tutoring.   I likewise donate a portion of each sale to charity so it’s a privilege to participate in “Unlocking Wonderland” at the California Center for the Arts and support the Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) mission of helping children in need.” 

  1. Marc Jonathan De Jesus

    Very glad you are finally sharing with the world your brilliance. It’s no coincidence your last name is “brillantes”, these paintings are amazing to say the least. Please keep me posted on your latest series of work.

    11 years ago

  2. Michael Carini

    Proud of your recent focus and all that you have accomplished. Keep living the dream!

    11 years ago


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